Registration and License Plate Services

At Tags and Title Transfer Co., we are a full service agency that can assist you with all of your vehicle registration needs. Types of registration services we can do include registration renewal, duplicate registration and registration suspension.

Registration Renewal

A registration, or an owner’s card, states the ownership of the vehicle. In PA your car registration renewal is an annual process. An expired registration can lead to fines or citations. To renew your registration, bring the following to any of our locations: valid PA drivers license, vehicle information, and Pennsylvania insurance.

Duplicate Registration

A duplicate registration is when an owner or co-owner of the vehicle loses the registration, and needs a new one. To get a duplicate registration, bring the following to any of our locations: valid photo ID, and vehicle information, which includes the plate and title number.

Registration Suspension

A registration suspension can occur when you switch insurance carriers, or from nonpayment on your insurance. Each situation is very unique, which means each person has different requirements to get your registration restored.

At Tags and Title, our clerks will guide you depending on your specific situation and requirements. We recommend you call ahead so we can tell you what initial steps to take and what you need to bring before coming in.

Tags and Title Transfer Co. is a full service agency that specializes in registration, title and notary services. Our employees are knowledgeable and friendly, and are ready to assist you with efficient and quick transactions. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or visit any of our locations!